At Surf Dojo’s Surf Camp Program, kids will embark on a thrilling 3-day adventure filled with surf training, healthy meals, and exciting activities designed to enhance their surfing skills and overall well-being. Each day begins with a guided icebath session, aimed at boosting energy levels and promoting blood flow to prepare the young surfers for a day of exhilarating activities ahead.
Following the icebath, participants will head to the local beaches for a filmed surf session, this will start with a pre-warm-up surf session to get the kids comfortable in the water. After the surf session, the group returns to the Surf Dojo for a nutritious breakfast to refuel and recharge for the day.

The campers engage in a comprehensive video analysis of their waves, providing valuable insights and feedback to help improve their surfing technique. The program also includes mobility exercises in the gym and tailored strength and conditioning sessions aimed at enhancing the surfers’ physical abilities and overall performance in the water.
After lunch, participants have the opportunity to rest and recover before heading to the wave ramp for practice and applying the corrections identified during the video analysis session. The afternoon is dedicated to another surfing session, where the kids can put their newly acquired skills to the test in the waves.

As the day winds down, the group returns to the Surf Dojo for dinner, followed by a relaxing stretching session to prepare for a restful night’s sleep. This holistic approach to surf training ensures that the young surfers not only improve their surfing abilities but also prioritize their well-being and recovery throughout the camp experience.
With a perfect blend of surf training, healthy meals, and engaging activities, the surf camp program at Surf Dojo offers a unique opportunity for kids to immerse themselves in the world of surfing, learn valuable skills, and create lasting memories in an enriching environment