At Surf Dojo, our Morning Sessions Program offers a holistic approach to surf training, focusing on skill development, technique enhancement, and physical fitness to elevate young surfers’ abilities.
The morning begins with a filmed surf session at varied locations chosen based on tide and ocean conditions. Each session includes a pre-surf warm-up to prepare participants physically and mentally for their time in the water. After the surf session, the group is escorted to Surf Dojo to refuel with a nutritious breakfast.

Following breakfast, participants engage in a personalized video analysis session with our surf coach. This analysis focuses on highlighting each surfer’s strengths, correcting posture and technique, and identifying areas for improvement. Our approach emphasizes positivity by showcasing achievements and explaining how to address weaknesses constructively.
Next, our fitness coach leads the youth surfers in mobility exercises and educates them on proper warm-up. The emphasis is on creating a sustainable routine that they can replicate independently. Participants receive a tailored workout program designed to enhance strength, conditioning, stamina, body composition, posture, and breath awareness.

To ensure the convenience and safety of the kids, transportation to and from the surf locations and Surf Dojo is provided as part of the program. This service aims to streamline the experience for both participants and parents,
eliminating logistical concerns.
The Morning Sessions Program at Surf Dojo offers a structured and engaging environment for young surfers to immerse themselves in the sport, receive expert coaching, and enhance their surfing abilities through a variety of training modalities.