Every Tuesday to Friday from 5 pm to 7 pm, participants are grouped based on their age, individual needs, fitness level, and surfing proficiency. This personalized approach ensures that each surfer receives targeted coaching and support to maximize their potential in the water.
Our program is more than just surfing, it’s also holistic development. Participants engage in mobility exercises to enhance flexibility, tailored workouts to build strength and endurance, wave ramp training to improve surfing technique, and a cool down recovery session to aid in physical and mental health.

The wave ramp training is a crucial component of our after school training program, aimed at enhancing surfers’ technical skills and overall performance in the water. Participants learn to navigate and master various scenarios of waves, improving their muscle memory, practice maneuvers, and work on their style and creativity.
Through focused coaching and practice on the wave ramp, surfers develop confidence and proficiency in handling different wave scenarios, ultimately elevating their surfing experience.

After a rewarding training session, participants come together for a nutritious dinner, fostering friendships, camaraderie, and a sense of belonging within the Surf Dojo community. These shared meals create lasting memories and connections beyond the waves.
Our program includes efficient transportation services to ensure participants are safely taken back to their homes after the program. We prioritize a seamless and secure journey for all participants, allowing them to focus on their growth and enjoyment during their time at Surf Dojo.